Wholesale Modular Homes – Your DIY Skills Can Really Pay Off

If you’re a skilled DIYer with construction experience, a Wholesale Modular Homes Program may be perfect for you. There are many modular home manufacturers across the US who have wholesale modular home programs, and as long as you are capable of taking on some of the tasks normally assigned to a modular home builder, you can save considerably on the already low price of you modular home.

Retail Vs. Wholesale

A retail home builder sells homes directly to consumers for their personal use. A wholesaler usually sells products to a retail home builder who uses them in constructing projects. But a wholesale modular homes seller offers homes to consumers wholesaler after factory-assembling after assembling the modules from which the completed home will be built with all the products like plumbing, wiring, insulation, and pipes already installed.

Where wholesale modular homes differ from retail modular homes is in the construction process. The retail modular home construction will include digging and pouring its foundation, finishing its interior and exterior, and connecting its electrical, water, and septic systems. But if you or your friends are handy or have home building experience, or know how to find subcontractors, you can opt for a wholesale modular homes program.

What A Wholesale Builder Does manufactured homes colorado

In a wholesale modular homes program, the home’s manufacturer will produce and delver the home’s modules to your building site, where you have already had the foundation dug and poured. The manufacturer will arrange for a crane to mount your individual modules on the permanent foundation, and for a crew to attach them. You will also get the materials necessary to complete your roof; the crew will complete it and also nail the structures of the home together.

A wholesale modular homes [http://www.1modularhomes.com/Articles/Alaska_Modular_Home.php] program will leave you with ah home which is from seventy-five to eighty percent complete, depending on the complexity of its plans. All modular homes are engineered to meet the building cods of the areas in which they will be constructed, so you won’t have to worry about the inspection process.

What You Will Do

What you will have to do, or hire someone to do, is connect your modular home to its utilities sources, and finish its interiors and exterior. While having to do this yourself may delay the time before your modular home is ready for occupancy, the money you save will be considerable.

Mountain View Homes and Development Homes of Tennessee, for instance, has a wholesale modular homes program which offers a one-year warranty on all work done by their own crews, and will let you buy a four-bedroom, three-bath 1700-square foot two story home for less than $104,000. They have many other wholesale modular homes as well, and their program is typical of wholesale modular homes programs across the US.


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