Traditional Scotch Whiskey – More Than a Drink

If you ever go to Scotland you should try the traditional scotch whiskey. Of course you can get it anywhere else, but drinking it where it originates from is another ball game altogether. You will have a taste of the Scottish traditions and history to go with your drink as well. This drink is practically ancient in Scotland, it has been made and drunk for hundreds of years, since the time of the early Celts. 강남풀싸롱

If you research a bit deeper, you will find quite a few different types, including the single grain, the blended whiskey and the blended malt.

The single grain is quite an expensive drink to buy and quite rare to find. Currently in Scotland there are 7 known distilleries that actually made this particular type. The blended malt is also called pure malt and while it’s not so rare as the single grain, it’s not as common as other types.

The most common and popular type is the blended whiskey, which you can buy practically anywhere, in any shop that sells alcoholic beverages. This particular type actually counts for 90% of all the scotch made and distilled in Scotland. It is a milder variety made for those that find the single grain too harsh for them to digest.

Even if you don’t like drinking this wonderful alcoholic beverage, due to the beautiful bottles (many times crystal bottles) that store scotch, they are a great gift to give and receive. The designs of the bottles are many times quite intricate and elaborate and people love keeping them on their mantelpiece or in the glass cabinet.


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