Top Items to Donate to Charities

Donating to charities is very good for the soul and it warms the heart. There are many charities all over the world who accept an array of items and products that help people in their daily lives. There are several things throughout your house that can be donated. If you use something every day then there is someone out there who can use it too.

You can look in your garage, storage, kitchen and bathroom for different items to donate. Look in your kitchen for non-perishable food that you can donate to your local pantry. There are many people including small children who are unable to eat and a few cans of vegetables or fruit could help a lot. Salvation Army Pickup

Look around your storage/garage or even your house. Is there some furniture you would like to get rid of? Then donate it. There are many families without a couch or dining set and even more out there who do not have a bed for their children or themselves. Babies need baby cribs, therefore if you have extra and do not know what to do with it, than donate it. You just might make someone’s day.

Clothing is one thing that should be donated over most everything else except for food because people need to be covered especially during the cold months of winter. If you have some clothes lying around that you do not wear any longer or your kids have out grown them, then donate them. Just make sure they are not too worn, very stained or holey. If you are donating clothes then you should wash the clothes so that way they are ready to be worn once donated.

Toys are a very good thing to donate because a toy can make a child smile and that is very important for children. Every child should have a great childhood and make memories that are worth remembering and sometimes toys can do that. We all remember that one toy that made us smile when we were kids.

Toys are especially important to donate around Christmas time. It is very hard to explain to a child why Santa came to the houses around them but not your own. Therefore, if you have some toys lying around then donate them. Or you could even buy some new toys and donate them.
Donate books, books are very important and everyone should have even a small collection. You could donate educational books or even fictional books but just make sure it is something worth reading. There are many people who fall into the “needy” category who would love to be able to get their GED or High School Diploma. So, if you have an old study book lying around donate it.

There are many things that people can donate to help others out but never donate anything that you wouldn’t use yourself. If it is broken, unusable, or full of holes than throw it away. Only donate the things that you would want if the tables were turned and you were the one receiving donations.

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