The Real Deal on Organic Makeup

If you are a big fan of cosmetics, then you have probably heard of organic makeup, or mineral makeup. The whole green revolution has convinced many people all over the world to patronize organic and all natural products from food to household products and even makeup. Organic makeup are becoming more and more popular these days because of the advantages they have that their traditional counterparts do not possess. organic makeup

Did you know that the makeup that you are using contain very small traces of mercury, lead, alcohol, aluminum and formaldehyde? Shocking, right? Unlike commercially produced makeup, natural makeup does not contain harmful ingredients that can harm the skin. It is free from harsh chemicals, fragrances and synthetic colors which can cause various skin problems such as clogged pores, comedones, allergy and acne. Organic makeup are made from plant materials only or from substances derived from plant materials so you’re assured that it’s gentle on the skin. It minimizes allergies and it is perfect for all types of skin, even for those with extra sensitive skin.

There are many benefits of using organic cosmetics. Just like commercially produced cosmetics, it comes in a wide range of colors to suit your needs. Organic makeup also caters to every budget. Whether you are in a budget or in the mood for some splurge, you will surely be able to find one that suits you. Lastly, organic makeup are skin friendly. Because it is made from natural ingredients, it is beneficial to your skin in more ways than one. Studies have even shown that those who use organic makeup experience very little to no allergies as compared to those who use commercially produced ones.

Application wise, organic makeups are relatively easier to apply than conventional makeups. Usually, you will only need one type of tool, which is a brush. Mineral makeups do not require sponges because it comes in powder form. Furthermore, it is much easier to find the perfect shade for you unlike in most traditional makeups.

If you’re into animal welfare, then organic makeup is also something to smile about. Majority of organic cosmetic companies don’t use animals in the testing of their products. You’re assured that no animals were harmed in the production and testing process.

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