Responsibilities of an Ethical Plastic Surgeon

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery is big business nowadays. Every aspect of your body can be targeted via cosmetic surgeries and with new innovation and introduction of newer technology, plastic surgery is now available to the masses and not just meant for a privileged few. In fact society in general has more or less accepted plastic surgery as normal and people are not shy in proclaiming their desires for cosmetic enhancements. plastic surgeon in New York, NY

All this has led to enormous growth in the plastic surgery industry and well qualified plastic surgeons are high on demand. However, as plastic surgeons see a significant growth in the number of clients they handle each year; it gives rise to many other concerns as well which are related with the negative aspects of this industry. This is where responsibilities of an ethical plastic surgeon comes in as it is felt the more responsible a surgeon is, the less the chances of any negative aspects emerging from this industry. Some of the responsibilities that plastic surgeons should adhere to are as follows:

1) Some individuals may have a genuine need for cosmetic plastic surgery and for some it might just be to look younger, be more fashionable, be more presentable etc. Unfortunately for some, plastic surgery or any kind of cosmetic enhancements is an addiction. While such clients can bring in a lot of business for a plastic surgeon, the surgeon should be able to say no when he or she feels that their client’s addiction to cosmetic surgeries is going out of hand. While a surgeon wont be able to accurately decide whether someone is addicted in the first couple of surgeries, but if the client is asking for cosmetic enhancements too often and has already had quite a few plastic surgery procedures completed, then it might be time to have a frank and honest talk with them to find out if the person is genuinely addicted to cosmetic surgeries.

2) A plastic surgeon should not always paint a positive image about the required surgery in front of their potential clients. They need to inform a client about the potential risks and dangers as well. They should paint a proper picture for the client on what the cosmetic surgery involves, how much time it takes for complete recovery and the potential pitfalls.

3) A responsible plastic surgeon should always have a plan of action ready to deal with any negative reactions on the patient’s body post surgery. They should carefully plan out in detail the corrective measures to be taken if the surgery performed on the client does not go according to plan. They should carefully study all negative possibilities and prepare for each one of them.

4) Plastic surgeons must also encourage their clients to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle. They should advise them on the ill effects of smoking and other vices on their body. Surgeons should study their client’s medical history thoroughly before deciding to go ahead with a plastic surgery procedure. If a potential client’s medical history would adversely affect their body after a particular plastic surgery, the surgeon needs to inform the client about this and perhaps advise on postponing or cancelling the cosmetic surgery altogether.


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