Prove You Are Innocent of Infidelity With a Computer Forensic Examination

In our day and time it is a very common problem for husbands, wives and partners to deal with suspicions that their significant other is engaging in unfaithful behavior while they claim to be doing other things on the Internet. It is also very common for many of these innocent partners to consult the professional services that are provided by expert private investigators that have the knowledge and the skill to provide them with the computer forensics examiner evidence to support their suspicions.

What many people do not realize is that not only is this an investigation that can prove that a partner or spouse is engaging in acts of online infidelity, but a computer forensic investigation is just as effective for individuals that would like to prove that they are innocent of infidelity. The benefits that are provided to people that take advantage of this informative type of investigation are enormous, especially when it comes to being able to save a cherished relationship or marriage.

A person that has been accused of cheating behind the back of their significant other can easily prove their innocence through the recovered data that can be obtained when a computer forensic examination is performed. Some of the common forms of data that experts can recover from a laptop or desktop hard drive include the following:

-Various types of files and documents that have been deleted from the hard drive of the computer

-Emails that have been erased that contain the conversations that the suspected party has had with other people on the Internet

-Deleted chat logs that contain instant messages the individual has had on messengers that include MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Skype and various others

-Graphics or photographs that the computer user has erased

There are actually many people that are not even aware that these forms of data can be easily recovered from a computer’s hard drive, even after they have been deleted from the computer. This is exactly one of the biggest reasons why a computer forensic examination is so well-known for its ability in proving and disproving the guilt of partners, husbands and wives that have been suspected to be cheating on their loved one.

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