Fun Children’s Storage Ideas

The children are back at school and so now is the perfect time to wage war on clutter and transform those messy, chaotic children’s rooms into neat, ordered sanctuaries that will provide inspiration rather than a distraction to studious children. Yes I do realise that I’ve used the word ‘studious’ in the same sentence as ‘children’ but there’s no harm in a little optimism! billiga tavlor 

So how can you achieve this fantastic transformation without overhauling the entire room and spending a fortune? Well let me reveal the latest weapon in war on clutter – storage! Oh yes, we’re talking big guns here! Storage has now been taken over by designers who have the last word in ‘cool’ and the result is a variety of clever, innovative storage ideas that are fun and funky and will brighten even the gloomiest of rooms.

– Invest in a few storage boxes that you can stack along any wall. These bright, colourful boxes instantly bring cheer to the room whilst providing large amounts of storage space. The only downside is when you need the stuff in the bottom box!

– The answer to the problem of stackable boxes. These are essentially wooden or plastic frames that you can either use alone as bookcases, or add storage cubes that allows you instant access to all your bits and pieces. Fabulous designs can be mixed and matched for a totally groovy look! See MODlife for their unique storage designs.

– I love getting two for the price of one, who doesn’t? Seating storage gives you just that, a nice comfy padded seat that lifts up to provide lots of nice storage underneath!

– Great for laundry, shoes, soft toys etc. These bags can be hung on the back of doors or at the end of beds and take up very little space whilst providing an essential storage service.

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