Electronic Dance Music The New Rave

Electronic music is most definitely the next generation. The style has slowly been growing in popularity and is usually found in nearly every genre of music. As the name suggests, it is composed by using electronic equipments, such as computers and synthesizers.

ELECTRO HOUSE music is extremely popular nowadays. Most new artists are debuting by including some form of electronic type of it into their songs. It gives their album a better chance of getting recognized and accepted. Most artists have benefitted by remixing and releasing their songs again by adding it to their original work.

EDM or Electronic Dance Music is a sub-genre of electronic. It is usually played in packed clubs and concerts. this is generally up-tempo and fast in nature with the objective of making people dance to its rhythm.

Since it is so club friendly, a lot of music genres come under the category of of it and are classified as EDM. Dubstep, trance, techno, and trip-hop are just a few of the EDM genres people can relate to these days.

Some of the world’s leading DJs who use this genre in their music are David Guetta, Tiesto, Deadmau5, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, and Paul Van Dyk, to name just a few.

It as a genre has its critics as well, who claim it to be dull, repetitive and unoriginal on the basis that it is not really made from any instrument and is a blend of sounds mashed up and mixed together. It also has a massive number of followers, who counter the argument by suggesting that the artist still has to be creative and original to mix different sounds together, so he can come up with something new and unique.

Due to its overwhelming popularity amongst people, electronic dance music concerts (EDMC) and festivals are held all over the world with increasing regularity. The thumping beats and laser light shows at these festivals make the dancing audience lose themselves and experience something fascinating.

Some of these music festivals are held annually, helping to raise the profile of this genre even further. Some of the biggest electronic dance festivals are:

Electric Zoo Festival (NYC)

Ultra Music Festival (Florida)

Electronic Forest Festival (Michigan).

EDM has been described as the “The new rock and roll” by many programmers and is the music of the 21st century. It is certainly the “New Rave” in music amongst our generation. Electronic dance music was a term first used in 1985, but it never really caught on, until now that is. The next generation of it will most certainly be defined by EDM.

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