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Freedom Equity Group Review – Should You Join?

So if you’re reading this Freedom Equity Group Review, possibilities are you’re considering turning into a member and you are doing some studies on-line. If that is the case, appearance no in addition. In this 0.33 party article, I’ll come up with all the important details you need before joining. Now real quick… I do want to disclose that I am NOT a Freedom Equity Group member nor am I affiliated with them in any way. In reality, it genuinely would not matter to me one manner or every other if you make a decision to join or now not. This is essential for you because you understand as a minimum you may be getting an unbiased angle of the business enterprise. With that stated, allow’s get started…

First matters first, let’s communicate approximately the organization itself. In my opinion, having wonderful merchandise and a beneficial repayment plan comes 2d to having a strong corporation with a strong infrastructure that can handle future boom. The organisation was started in 2002 so it is no longer a start-up employer which is right if you’re searching out a employer it is a little extra solid. The management group could be very experienced and their field leaders seem to be very expert. The corporation is based out of California and is partnered with a few very authentic agencies like Fidelity & Guaranty and National Western Life. My notion is if you’re useless critical approximately joining and constructing an extended-term business with them, make the effort to go to their corporate office in Arroyo Grande. Sure you is probably popping out-of-pocket for journey charges, however if you’re doing actual due diligence it just makes sense to meet with human beings at the home workplace. Of course, in case your goal is simply to make a few bucks right here and there, then you definitely in all likelihood don’t must take the time to visit the house workplace. But in case you’re seeking to build a protracted-term business that you may earn 6-figures (or multiple 6-figures) a 12 months with, then it is worth it. Speaking from enjoy, I desire I had achieved this before joining some groups. It would have stored me lots of time and frustration. Culture

Freedom Equity Group’s predominant product is Index Universal Life Insurance, or IUL. It’s a shape of permanent insurance, not like Term Insurance that is coverage for best a fixed period of time. In addition to existence coverage, IUL additionally affords a savings vehicle wherein you can acquire and develop your cash tax-free. And if that wasn’t sufficient, the regulations they sell also offer Living Benefits, which permits you to apply your insurance with out death. Everyone needs to be knowledgeable about these essential financial services so that you’ll have a big market to sell your product to must you decide to join.

As some distance because the repayment plan goes, it is quite clear-cut. Based on the earned function you have got, you’ll earn up to ninety three% of the once a year top rate of all your personal clients. For example, if you have a client that pays $250/month, you’ll earn a percent of the annual premium that’s $three,000 in this situation. Let’s say you’re a District Manager (that is the 0.33 role within the compensation plan), you’ll earn 50% of the yearly premium which would be $1,500. Not terrible at all for one customer. Keep in mind that you’ll maximum probably get seventy five% of your fee up front and 25% of it later. And you may receives a commission after the client is accepted which can also take 30-ninety days depending on the underwriting method. That said, you are still earning a completely wholesome fee while offering crucial monetary services to folks that want help.

If you make a decision to construct and develop a group, you may also earn up to 63% overrides on sales made by using reps to your group. Sound top? That’s because it’s far… You can earn loads (and even lots) of greenbacks while a person on your crew completes a sale. The “downside” (for lack of better time period for the reason that it could now not be a disadvantage at all relying on how you are looking at it) is which you need to recruit approximately 10 humans to get three or 4 licensed, and approximately 1 of those can be lively and producing. Of course, if you discover a manner to recruit certified reps which can be joining with a license already, then you may in all likelihood beat the ones numbers.

Mobile Instant Messaging!

Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM) is a presence enabled messaging service that objectives to transpose the Internet computer messaging along with ICQ or MSN revel in to the usage situation of being linked through a cellular/cellular tool. To create an good enough, effective and convenient mobile experience, different factors need to be taken into consideration. Factors such as the shape and mobility related differences. Besides this, radio bandwidth, memory size, availability of media codecs, keypad based totally input, display screen output, CPU overall performance and battery electricity also want to be considered. leveling bot

These are the middle troubles that desktop tool users and even nomadic customers with linked notebooks typically aren’t exposed to. There are distinct methods used to permit cell immediately messaging; particularly Embedded Clients and Clientless Platform. Embedded Clients, which are tailored IM client for each precise tool with a unique backend server mounted inside the mobile operators provider.

Clientless Platform – This is a browser based totally utility without downloading any software program to the handset or need for any technical support through the cellular operator which allows all customers, all devices and from any network to connect to their Internet IM provider. Instant messaging (IM) is a form of actual-time communique among two or more human beings based on typed textual content. The textual content is conveyed thru devices connected over a community consisting of the Internet.

Instant messaging allows you to speak together with your friends everywhere and whenever. You can use this provider at any factor of time. You get it for one fixed rate and there is no agreement, irrespective of how many IM conversations you have. With the ability of immediately messaging to your cellular, you may chat away on all the pinnacle IM services. You can have a laugh with your friends at any point of time.

The Mobile enterprise goes via a transition segment. There are speedy changes happening on one of a kind dimensions like the network protocols, the tool competencies, cellular telephone adoption. Instant messaging (IM) are technologies that create the possibility of actual-time textual content-primarily based conversation between or more participants over the internet or some form of inner community/intranet. What separates chat and instant messaging from technology together with electronic mail is the synchronicity of the conversation by means of the consumer. Chat typically takes place in real time. However, a few systems also allow the sending of messages to people no longer currently logged on (offline messages). This eliminates much of the difference between Instant Messaging and e-mail.

The Thousand Dollar Fast Food Menu

The dollar menu at a fast food restaurant seems enticing to the pocketbook. Making a trip to the grocery store to stock up on healthy items just seems out of the way and expensive. Isn’t this the way many people think? The truth is that eating unhealthy low cost food will actually cost much more down the road.

Decades ago our relatives grew and cooked their own food. They raised the cows, chicken and pigs they would eat that week. They farmed what would be put on the table. These days this is called organic eating. They didn’t have the luxury of going to fast food restaurants and it shows in their health. Two thirds of Americans are now overweight or obese. Obesity related disease is now up to over 150 billion dollars a year in medical costs. According to the USDA overweight people are more likely to face high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, strokes and heart disease. Now we all cannot have a farm to raise all of our own food. How can we save money and be healthy at the same time?

Unhealthy foods at a low price can quickly add on the pounds. One thousand calories can be stacked in one little meal off that dollar menu. The same amount of calories from healthy foods will cost double that amount. Yes, it will save money today, but what about in ten years? The lifetime medical costs of disease linked to obesity is $10,000 more than the non-obese. Life insurance and health insurance premiums can almost triple for overweight people. Insurance companies must charge more for overweight clients because of the obesity-related health problems they may face in the future. nigerian restaurant food menu

Healthy food high in fiber actually makes people feel full longer. Processed foods stuffed with sugar and fat leaves one hungry a few hours later. The money spent on the unhealthy food to subsidize an obese person will steadily drain the funds anyway. It is simple math. The overweight person will continue to snack on these high fat options all day while unknowingly making the risk greater of obesity-related disease. They will then go back to the store or restaurant for more and more of the unhealthy food. If they would have bought the more healthy food in the first place they would have ended up spending less money and not eating as frequently.

Fat costs money and time that we could be spending growing old with our families. It is never too late to start changing your life. So if you are not going to become a farmer, start making decisions at the grocery store and restaurants that will have the same effect on your health. Once disease hits and those medical bills roll in and those doctor visits pile up you will wonder if the dollar menu was worth it.

Secure The Right Bad Credit Personal Loans For Your Needs

One of the great ironies of personal finance has always been that the people who need money the most are the ones who can’t get a loan and the people who least need the money are the ones who can obtain credit most easily. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of personal lending. Getting an unsecured or personal loan with bad credit has always been somewhat challenging but in recent years it has become virtually impossible. The subprime lending crisis and subsequent credit crunch have caused all banks to significantly tighten their lending standards. The first customers to get squeezed out of the equation are those with credit problems. The unfortunate reality in 2009 is that if you have bad credit, you will not be able to get an unsecured loan from a traditional bank. bad credit installment loans

Do a search on the web for “bad credit personal loans” and you will see hundreds of listings for websites promising to deliver the elusive cash without collateral that you so desperately need. Look closely and you will find that every single one of these offers will be for a payday loan. A payday loan is a completely different product than a traditional unsecured installment loan (often called a signature loan). Payday lenders do not evaluate your credit when making the decision whether or not to grant you a loan. Instead they simply debit your checking account automatically on your next payday. Of course the lender’s significant fees are debited as well. This product can make sense for a short term emergency situation that requires cash but it does not accomplish the same thing as a personal loan which could allow you to repay over a much longer period, usually between 12 and 48 months. Personal loans also carry lower interest rates. Typically, personal loans carry annual percentage rates (“APR’s”) that are equal to or better than most credit cards. If you look at the average fees on a payday loan and converted them into the equivalent APR’s you would be looking at mind-blowing rates of up to 350%. So, while a payday loan can be a good product for short term, emergency situations – it cannot replace the value of a personal loan.

So if you’ve got bad credit, need cash and cannot use payday loans to meet your needs, what are you to do? Assuming that a refinance with cash out or a home equity loan is not a viable option you are left looking for an unsecured loan. One interesting option is a relatively new phenomenon called social lending or peer to peer lending. These are professionally run networks that bring together individuals who wish to lend money and individuals who wish to borrow money. Some peer to peer lenders cater to people with bad credit (of course the interest rate will be higher). Social lending is one of the most exciting developments in the world of bad credit lending to come around in a long time.

More importantly, the most effective thing that you can do to help your situation is not a loan at all: improve your credit score. Improving your credit score will help make obtaining loans, both secured and unsecured, much easier and cheaper. How do you improve your credit score? The first thing you need to do is understand what is on your credit report. You can get a free credit report each year and it easy to do – just go to and get it. Once you know what’s on your credit report you can get to work on cleaning it up. If you find a mistake or discrepancy, make sure to contact the credit reporting agency and the lender in writing so that the mistake can be fixed, and your credit score can be improved.

Another way to improve your credit score quickly is to obtain a secured credit card. A secured credit card is a credit card which is secured by a cash deposit. Most cards can be converted to unsecured accounts or partially unsecured accounts after a period of regular and timely payments. Regardless of the account type, your regular and timely credit card payments will improve your score dramatically.


Using Skincare Reviews to Find the Best Skincare Brand

Everyone washes their face at some point, but this is not real skincare. When someone is serious about skincare, they have an entire regimen and several skincare products that are dedicated to keeping skin soft, smooth, and young looking. It is never too late to get into a good routine; it is just a matter of knowing what to do and how to do it!

Where to Start with Proper Skincare

This part has already been achieved. The first and most crucial part of skincare is to wash. However, there are more products available than a simple bar of soap that costs next to nothing at the grocery store. There are soaps made specifically for different skin types and different parts of the body. There are shower gels that smell wonderful and help exfoliate the skin when applied. It is better to spend a bit more money for quality soap than to rely on a cheaper version.

Skincare and Exfoliation

An exfoliator is necessary to scrub away the top layer of dead skin cells and reveal the fresh, smooth skin underneath. This can be done in one of several ways. Most exfoliators contain a natural exfoliating agent such as salt, sugar, or sand. Other considerations include using a loofah and shower gel or an exfoliating scrub brush. Any of these will help to scrub away those dead skin cells, which is imperative for proper skincare.

Toners and Astringents in Skincare

Toners and astringents are not for everyone. They are mostly for people with problem skin or especially oily skin. These two skincare products help to clean out the pores and keep them clean. People with dry skin or no problem areas may skip this step since it can dry out the skin.

Skincare and Moisturizer

Everyone needs to use a moisturizer at some point. Skin gets dry. It can also crack, peel, itch, and even hurt. In order to prevent this from occurring, it is a good idea to get into the habit of moisturizing daily. A moisturizer should be applied to the entire body to keep it smooth. Different parts of the body may require different moisturizers. Facial moisturizers are less harsh, while moisturizers designed for feet need to be stronger. The best time to moisturize is directly after a shower, when the pores are open. The skin will soak in the moisturizer easily and skin will feel smooth instantly. full spectrum cbd oil

Sunscreen and Skincare

Sunscreen is an absolute necessity these days. Many people enjoy tanning and spending time in the sun. The sun may give people a nice tan, but it also leads to dark spots, burns, scars, and even wrinkles. That tan may look great when people are young, but as they get older, they look more like a leather handbag. Additionally, too much sun can lead to skin cancer. People do not take the threat of skin cancer as seriously as they should. It can be deadly. Rather than develop skin cancer and wrinkles, it is easier to apply sunscreen every day and apply a nice fake tan.


Benefits of Server Virtualization

Server virtualization has been in the last few years and still is a main IT trend on which firms are focusing their attention and their investments. There are many good explanations for this interest that we analyze in this brief article. We shall classify the benefits of server virtualization in two broad categories:


  • financial benefits (e.g., reduction of server HW maintenance costs);
  • intangible benefits (e.g., increased flexibility).


We shall see that while the latter are the most important long-term benefits, the former are those that typically play a main role in the investment decision process because they are easier to quantify and their value can therefore be better grasped.

As every other investments those in server virtualization have their own risks. Although we recognize their existence and their importance we will not analyze them in this article.

Financial benefits

Most of server virtualization projects are also server consolidation project in the sense that one of the main project results is an impressive reduction of the number of servers. Clearly there are server virtualization projects (e.g., desktop virtualization) that do not aim at reducing the number of servers, but those that focus on server consolidation produce impressive reductions of the number of servers. With current technologies it is common to see 30:1 (or even higher) consolidation ratios. The net result is that large server farms consisting of hundreds of servers are replaced by very few servers hosting hundreds of Virtual Machines (VMs).

We made recently for one of our clients an in-depth analysis based on real costs of the benefits of a server virtualization project. The most striking result of the analysis is that the sheer savings due reduced server HW maintenance costs offset all the other project costs (including new servers purchase, project implementation) over a four year time horizon when tax shield is taken into account. Let further clarify this point. One of the most reliable criteria used to assess whether it makes sense to invest money in a project is the computation of the Net Present Value of the project. The Net Present Value is a simple formula that takes into account the simple fact that 1$ now values more than 1$ in one year by discounting the future costs and benefits by means of the so called opportunity cost of capital. In our project we computed the Net Present Value of the project over a four years time horizon, namely by taking into account costs and benefits for the subsequent four years. We also took into account the fact that future costs and benefits need to be discounted; and that if you invest your money in a project you will have tax savings (tax shield) that partially offset your costs. Taking all that into account we realized that the HW maintenance savings were enough to make the Net Present Value positive.