5 Tips To Lower Your Commercial Vehicle’s Running Costs

For many commercial companies owning a van is essential, however the cost of insurance, MOTs and the day-to-day running of a van can soon add up. Luckily, following these five steps could help drive down your van costs and protect your pocket.

1. Fill your tank for less: Shop around for the cheapest places to buy fuel – be sensible and don’t spend too long or cover too many miles in your quest for cheap fuel as it defeat the object of trying to save!

2. Make your petrol last longer: Improving your van’s fuel efficiency could save you on petrol costs. Here are five simple measures you can take to make go fuel be really efficient and save you money:

– Air conditioning. Air con increases the amount of fuel you use – so only use it when absolutely necessary. phu tung hyundai

– Don’t stop – start. According to one of the UK’s leading breakdown services, if you get into the habit of breaking gradually (except in an emergency) and increasing your acceleration gradually you could save up to 30% on fuel costs.

– Pump up your tyres. Make sure your tyres are inflated to the correct level and regularly check your depth of tread as this will not only make your van more fuel-efficient it will also help to reduce the risk of accidents.

– Reduce your load. De-clutter your vehicle and take out anything you don’t need or use regularly to avoid carrying surplus weight. At night, or when the vans not in use remove expensive tools and equipment to deter opportunist thieves.

– Drive in the right gear. Driving in the correct gear should help your vehicle’s engine to work more fuel efficiently.

3. Increase your car security: When it comes to securing your commercial van it’s worth making sure you have as much insurance approved protection as possible. This is because all van insurance policies are based on risk assessment and in order to keep costs of your insurance down, you need to reduce the risk and the necessity to make a claim. Make life as difficult as you can to reduce the risk of theft by keeping your van in a securely locked garage or vehicle compound which has 24 hr. video surveillance.

4. Don’t modify your van: These days, it’s popular for motorists to pep-up their vehicles along with adding company insignias and logos as a way of advertising for business. However, in order to keep the insurance costs low don’t be tempted to go over-board with flashy images as these will be more expensive to replace or repair and therefore push the price of your commercial vehicle insurance up.

5. Shop around for cheap insurance: Many insurance providers save their most competitive deals for new customers. Which means the annual renewal quote offered by your existing insurance company is unlikely to represent the cheapest deal available. As such when the time comes to renew your policy it pays to shop around to find the best deals. Using an online price comparison tool is one of the fastest and easiest ways to compare a range of commercial vehicle insurance quotes and find the best deal for you.

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